Thank you for caring enough to learn about my candidacy.

Los Gatos is special.

I am a long-term resident: graduating from LGHS in 1975 and operating a business here.
Our community is vibrant and family oriented - a great place to live, work, and play.
I am running for Town Council to maintain the integrity of our Town.

In these challenging times, familiarity and experienced leadership is needed.

As a Planning Commissioner since 2013, I have consistently opposed overdevelopment with decision-making based on our General Plan and Hillside Design Standards and Guidelines. Los Gatos has substantially preserved its small-town character despite of outside efforts to capitalize on it. Proposed planning/expansion could easily overshadow the reasons we live here and want to stay- be it the charm of a neighborhood or the "feel" of the fawn.

I have been a local business owner for over thirty years with a background in risk assessment and asset protection for families and businesses. Unprecedented challenges from a changing retail environment and the impact of COVID-19 threaten our economic vitality. Challenges from increased risk to wildfires threaten our homes and public safety. I have the professional background to meet these challenges.

As a Community Service Officer, and later as Team Leader for our Victim Services Unit, I have provided support to individuals who have experienced incidents requiring police assistance. Public safety is a priority, and the first job of any government.1

I am dedicated to keeping Los Gatos - our home, safe and vibrant.

1 Federal Court decisions have recognized public safety as "the first job of any government." (United States of America v. Curry (July 16, 2020) 18-4233, citing Mora v. City of Gaithersbury (2008) 519 F.3d 216, 213)